Research and Scholarship

Given the importance of research within the medical profession, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine requires a mentored research project and associated written MD Thesis to graduate. The Research & Scholarship curriculum in Year 1 prepares students for this 12 week, immersive research and scholarship experience in the summer between M1 & M2 and for writing an MD thesis in M2. 

Poster presentation of a medical student

 All areas of exploration on the biomedical research spectrum, from bench to bedside to community/public health and medical education projects, are open for Research & Scholarship projects. The Office of Medical Student Research is committed to helping students have a productive and positive experience, whatever their previous research background. We have numerous resources available to give individualized support through the research process. The M1 curriculum consists of a mixture of mandatory in person sessions on Tuesday or Thursday (opposite GARLA) and asynchronous independent learning. 

Being involved in research during medical school will help you in your career at every stage, including residency, fellowship, and beyond.

Understanding medical research—what it is, how it is done, what it shows us and its limitations—allows you to practice both the science and art of medicine after graduation and beyond, whether you are doing the research yourself in an academic setting or serving patients or communities.  Research can also be personally rewarding, opening doors to travel, collaboration, and lifelong learning.