Research and Scholarship

The four cornerstones of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine curriculum for the University Track are research and scholarship, mastery of clinical skills, leadership, and civic professionalism. The Office of Medical Student Research is dedicated to ensuring that students are meaningfully engaged in the cornerstone of research and scholarship over the course of their medical school experience.

The objective of this cornerstone is to help students acquire tools and experience in asking questions, critically assessing literature, and cultivating other aspects of the life-long pursuit of learning that is a critical aspect of the career of all physicians and physician/scientists. The goals of the cornerstone include the following:

  • Valuing question asking
  • Posing good questions
  • Investigating questions systematically
  • Constructing responses to questions with others in a community of inquiry
  • Communicating insights into questions to others in a broader community

For more information please visit the Medical Student Research website.