Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

Students should consult with faculty members in the Department and select a faculty member under whose guidance the student undertakes a specific research project. This gives students the opportunity to join a research group, and work with faculty, graduate students, and research associates. Many such research projects have resulted in papers published in scientific journals and co-authored by undergraduate students. Students may consult brief descriptions of current research projects of the Dermatology Faculty or more extensive Faculty Research Profiles from the Department Web site.

The Department of Dermatology has also participated in collaboration with The Office for Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE). More information on these programs may be obtained at the SOURCE website.

The Department also participates in the SPUR (Summer Program in Undergraduate Research), a program designed to acquaint students with all aspects of scientific research, from formulation of a question to production of a final report. The program culminates with a one-day poster session where students can share their results with the research community at Case Western Reserve University. Learn more about the SPUR program.