Amar Desai, PhD

Assistant Professor
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
Immune Oncology Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Information

Research Interests

  • Mechanisms regulating hematopoiesis
  • Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation
  • Bone marrow failure disorders
  • Graft versus host disease
  • HSC expansion methods
  • Regenerative medicine

Hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation (HST) is a curative treatment for many hematopoietic malignancies that involves the IV infusion of stem cells to reconstitute recipient immune function. However, many significant HST related complications limit the current utility of the procedure; including severe infections and bleeding, high incidence of graft vs. host disease, graft failure, and a lengthy recovery period which can drive the cost of the procedure to nearly $500,000. Thus, while HST is curative in many settings, it is also both an expensive procedure and a risky one.

The Desai lab is broadly interested in identifying mechanisms driving the regenerative capacity of HSCs during HST, in order to develop novel therapeutics capable of reducing morbidity, mortality, and expense of human HST, making the procedure safer, faster, and more affordable.

Current Lab Directions

  1. Small molecule development of 15-PGDH inhibitors to promote hematopoietic recovery following HST.
  2. Additional therapeutic application of 15-PGDH inhibitors including in models of graft versus host disease, bone marrow failure disorders, and other heme malignancies.
  3. Identification of novel cell types regulating hematopoietic stem cell regulation at steady state and in the context of tissue regeneration.
  4. Mechanisms of disease pathogenesis for myelodysplastic syndromes and myelofibrosis.

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