Training & Education

NCRM's training and education initiatives strives to build a specially trained workforce for the regenerative medicine industry. With the cooperation of our founding institutions, academic and corporate collaborators, NCRM offers unique training and education programs to support the development of future scientists and physician-scientists. NCRM's staff also participates in education programs for the general public.

Master's of Science in Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship (RGME)

The RGME is the first two-year master's level program in Ohio focused on Regenerative Medicine and Entrepreneurship. Students enrolled in the RGME program will have access to cutting-edge clinical and research facilities along with small biotechnology companies within the network of the National Center for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM).

The Master’s program in RGME will train individuals to work in academic, commercial, and clinical settings to support cellular manufacturing, biotechnology innovation, legal and compliance, and business development activities taking advantage of our strengths across the disciplines of regenerative medicine as a whole. This unique, interdisciplinary program will provide a rigorous educational pathway targeting individuals seeking the advanced skills and training required to excel in the unique workforce necessary to support the exponential growth and application of the field of regenerative medicine.

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The ENGAGE summer program is a 10-week internship, organized by the NCRM, for undergraduate and medical students to gain direct, real-world experience in a functioning lab setting. ENGAGE promotes and supports students’ participation in research and creative projects in the study of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

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