Regenerative Medicine Career Pathways

Group of people in commencement robes

The diversified curriculum of the RGME program at CWRU allows graduates to feel confident entering the workforce as versatile professionals. Whether your interest and passions lie in laboratory science, business, law, or academia-- a degree in regenerative medicine and entrepreneurship from CWRU will allow you to advance towards your dream career! 


Some graduates of the RGME program may be interested in pursuing a career involving traditional laboratory science. Below are just some of the positions one may choose to pursue!

  • Tissue Engineering
  • Clinical Research 
  • Laboratory Scientist 
  • Cellular Therapy 
  • Biotechnology
  • Gene Therapy 


Other graduates of the RGME program may be interested in pursuing a career in the commercialization side of regenerative medicine. Below are a few examples! 

  • Medical Sales
  • Venture Capital
  • Wall Street 
  • Consulting 

Academia, Public Sector, and so much more!

The beauty of a Regenerative Medicine and Entrepreneurship master's degree, is the possible career outcomes are plentiful! Not interested in a science or business centric career? Below are examples of other careers our graduates have pursued! 

  • College Professor
  • Federal Government 
  • Federal Food and Drug Administration
  • State or Local Government 
  • Health Department
  • Biologic-Device Combination Product Manufacturing