Youngmin Yu

Youngmin Yu

Why did you choose PRIME?

I graduated from USCS and continued to be involved in neuroscience research. It was when the pandemic started that I could no longer go to the lab. I wanted to continue being involved in the medical field, especially in answering questions about COVID-19. Therefore I decided to go back to school. 

What are your future plans upon graduation?

I am currently applying to the MSTP program at Case which is a combined MD/ PhD program. I want to pursue Pathology to learn more about the degenerative disease of the body. 

What is your favorite memory at CWRU?

I volunteered at MetroHealth for a program called “Calls for Hope” which addresses the risk of isolation as a social determinant of health. Due to financial difficulties, some patients are unable to seek out medical health. I also got involved in a research opportunity at the Pieper Lab, focusing on Alzheimer's disease. 

I had a great experience during the PRIME program. The people I got to meet had very diverse backgrounds but we all share the same motivation and goals. That is what binds us together. I have a classmate who runs an NGO business, and another who is doing medical sales and currently learning to become a physician. These experiences broaden my perspectives and remind me why I want to pursue medicine. My professors were also very supportive. I used to meet with Dr. Andrew Pieper, senior postdoc researcher of the Pieper Lab biweekly to ask questions.