PRIME Class Profile

Entering Fall 2021 Class Profile

The PRIME hosts students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our program naturally is split between career changers and academic enhancers, which shows in everything we do including the students who join us each fall. We would love for you to explore the class profile and see how you fit here as well.

  • Total Class Size: 16

  • Female: 68%   Male: 32%

  • Career Changers: 32%

  • Academic Enhancers: 68%

  • Average Undergraduate Cumulative GPA: 3.49


Background by Academic Field:
Health Sciences 32%
Biology 32%
Natural Sciences and Math 7%
Social Sciences 13%
Humanities 13%
Engineering 25%
Student Diversity:
U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident 87%
International 13%
Geographic Location of U.S. Residents:
Midwest 56%
Northeast 12%
Southwest 13%
West 19%
State of Residents:
Out of State 62%
In-State 38%