Meet Our Students


Is the PRIME program right for you?

Whether you are a career changer or academic enhancer, our student’s stories will give you some insight into what PRIME offers and how it can help prepare you to be a successful candidate for med school admission.

Alexandria Ullman, Class of 2023

Alexandria Ullman

“I was looking for a program that offers flexibility in classes because I have already completed some prerequisites prior to joining the program,” Alexandria said. “I then came across PRIME.”

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Madeline Bedrock, Class of 2022

Madeline Bedrock

“The PRIME program was amazing. The opportunity to get involved in research and volunteer at big hospitals were so valuable, especially for one without a background in medical school. ”

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Youngmin Yu, Class of 2022

Youngmin Yu

"I had a great experience during the Prime program. The people I got to meet had very diverse backgrounds but we all share the same motivation and goals. That is what binds us together".

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Stormy Stan, Class of 2021

Stormy Stan

"My life is completely different than it was five years ago," Stan said. "For me, medicine is the highest calling. It's where I want to spend my energy, and I am so grateful to be on this path."

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Mandy Wong, Class of 2019

Mandy Wong

“PRIME appealed to me because it allowed me to do both (change careers and boost GPA) at the same time.”

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