Meet Our Students


Is the PRIME program right for you?

Whether you are a career changer or academic enhancer, our student’s stories will give you some insight into what PRIME offers and how it can help prepare you to be a successful candidate for med school admission.

Stormy Stan, Class of 2021

Stormy Stan

“My life is completely different than it was five years ago,” Stan said. “For me, medicine is the highest calling. It’s where I want to spend my energy, and I am so grateful to be on this path.”

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Zack Jenkins, Class of 2019

Zack Jenkins

“I liked the flexibility in classes I was able to take and the people who were in the program with me.”

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Meghan McHale, Class of 2019

Meghan McHale

“PRIME gave me the room to start creating the research-integrated medical career I want for myself now.”

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Mandy Wong, Class of 2019

Mandy Wong

“PRIME appealed to me because it allowed me to do both (change careers and boost GPA) at the same time.”

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Veronica Rosen, Class of 2018

Veronica Rosen

“I utilize knowledge and skills I gained through PRIME every day in medical school and without it, I would not be in medical school working towards my goal of becoming a physician.”

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