Alexandria Ullman


Alexandria Ullman

Why did you choose PRIME?

"I was looking for a program that offers flexibility in classes because I have already completed some prerequisites prior to joining the program. I came across the PRIME program on the AAMC Post-baccalaureate Premedical Programs database."

What are your future plans upon graduation?

"My plan is to pursue pathology or radiology upon graduation because I’m interested in figuring out what’s going on at a cellular level. I want to try it out before committing to a specialty."

What is your favorite memory at CWRU?

"I had a great experience at CWRU. Even for courses with large class sizes, the professors are well- aware if the students need support. I can always talk to my Teaching Assistants if I’m interested in a specific lab. One of my favorite courses is Clinical Inquiry since it provides me with various hands-on experiences. I got to practice using medical terms and analyze real data.

The CWRU campus is near many large hospital systems which offer students many opportunities to shadow and volunteer. I had experience volunteering with University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic and got involved in a sleep lab.

The PRIME program provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I got to meet friends in the program with very different backgrounds. The experience broadens my idea of what medicine looks like and reminds me why I want to go to medical school.

We had a group outing every semester. One of my favorite memories was when we went bowling together downtown."