Meet PRIME student Veronica Rosen

Is the PRIME program right for you? Read one student's story

Veronica Rosen, originally from El Paso, TX, came to Case Western Reserve University's Post-baccalaureate Readiness Instruction for bioMedical Education program after graduating from UCLA with medical school as her prime goal.

"I was hesitant to do a post-baccalaureate program after my counselor at UCLA recommended it to me because I did not want to postpone medical school any longer and be "old" when I started, but now I cannot imagine heading into medical school without having completed PRIME. It prepared me in ways that I did not think possible and now I really feel ready to tackle the rigors of medical school. Additionally, the staff at Case are so welcoming and helpful."

With an undergraduate degree in psychobiology, Rosen had a science background, but PRIME helped her add more science courses and improve her MCAT score.

"Heading into the PRIME program, I hoped to strengthen my resume and solidify my science background before medical school and consequently increase my MCAT score. PRIME ended up giving me all that and more. I increased my score by 12 points, gained irreplaceable experience working in a melanoma lab and volunteering at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, but also established relationships and connections with my peers and staff. I grew as a person, both professionally and emotionally, and I will always be grateful for how the PRIME program helped me toward my dream of becoming a doctor."

Rosen said her advisor in the PRIME program helped her in many ways, including finding a research position. Faculty members were always eager to assist, too. When asked what she would say to anyone considering PRIME, Rosen said, "just GO FOR IT."

"Also, having grown up in Texas and going to college in California, for anybody new to the Midwest, my advice is to also make sure you bring a puffy jacket and some snow boots!"

Rosen, who completed the PRIME program in 2018, was accepted at two medical schools in Texas and is currently weighing the options at the two schools before making a decision.