What We Do


To develop and translate technologies that improve patient outcomes.


The Quantitative Imaging Laboratory (QIL) mainly focuses on oncologic imaging with occasional forays into cardiac imaging and molecular radiotherapy. The laboratory lies at the intersection of radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging, medical physics, and biomedical engineering. Technology development includes novel image acquisition, analysis and new radiopharmaceuticals.


The QIL is a multi-disciplinary group that includes engineers, radiation oncologist, radiologists and medical physicists. This team science approach leverages each individual’s unique expertise, creating an innovative and dynamic environment for technology development, translation and clinical validation.


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Brief History

The Quantitative Imaging Laboratory has evolved from the research group of Raymond F. Muzic, Jr. in the Department of Radiology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University. For many years the primary members were biomedical engineers who worked with nuclear medicine physicians. Over the past few years, the group has rapidly expanded in terms of fields of expertise, the tools that we wield, and the applications in which we conduct research. The current focus includes quantitative PET/MRI, MRI guided radiotherapy, and adaptive radiation therapy.