David won Intel ISEF

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David Lyons is a Hawken High School student who spent the summer of 2017 with QIL. (The name sounds familiar as his mom is UH Radiation Oncologist Dr. Janice Lyons.)  David rapidly learned Artificial Intelligence methods from QIL Research Associate Fan Liang, PhD. He applied the methods to develop algorithms for automatically determining the boundaries of organs and tissues.  This process, called contouring, is an essential component of planning radiation dose plan for cancer patients. Currently, contours are drawn manually by physicians, physicists, and/or dosimetrists. It is labor-intensive and operator dependent.  David’s work “Automatic Contouring Methods for Adaptive Radiotherapy in Cancer Patients Using Artificial Intelligence and a Virtual Mobile Robotic Assistant” was recognized with awards at his high school, at local,  state, and national levels.  He was invited to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) in Pittsburgh last month (May 2018) and won the fourth award in the biomedical engineering category.