Patent Granted for Quantitative Analysis of Images

The QIL’s work in the area of image-based kinetic parameter estimation was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 12/12/2017.  Patent 9,842,194 describes a simplified method for robust estimation of parameter values.  Inventors include Raymond Muzic, QIL Scientific Director, and Jeff Kolthammer, QIL Alum.  The idea was hatched while Jeff was a Philips Healthcare scientist working toward his PhD in biomedical engineering at CWRU.  The invention was applied in order to determine parameter values of a kinetic model so that myocardial blood flow could be estimated from biomedical images.  For a clinically practical yet voxel-level estimation, the method improves speed and robustness.  This work was supported by the Ohio Third Frontier, Grant TECH 11-046.