RSNA abstract (2017)

Image saying Radiological Society of North America

QIL had  accepted three abstracts for presentation at the Radiological Society of North America 2017 annual meeting in Chicago.  Several members of the lab will be attending.  We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss our work.

An Artificial Intelligence Method for Auto-Contouring in Abdominal Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Fan Liang, Pengjiang W. Qian, Kuan-Hao Su, Atallah Baydoun, Asha Leisser, Steven Van Heden, Jung-Wen Kuo, Parag Parikh, Yonggang Lu, Raymond F. Muzic, Bryan J. Traughber

Wed Nov 29 2017 3:00PM - 3:10PM ROOM S403A

X rays of the brain showing different methods

Algorithm and parameter optimization for whole-body deformable registration between MR T1-weighted and Dixon images (for PET/MR)

Jung-Wen Kuo, Kuan-Hao Su, Atallah Baydoun, Adina N. Crisan, Hugh R. Mihaloew, Daniel Bucklan, Bryan J. Traughber, Robert  S. Jones, Raymond F. Muzic, Jr.

Mon Nov 27 2017 3:20PM - 3:30PM ROOM S404AB

PET/MR whole body registration


Development of a Fluorescent Glucose Analogue via Click Chemistry for Imaging Sodium-Dependent Glucose Transporters in Cancer

Richard Agnes, Jung-Wen Kuo, Rodney Ellis, Raymond F. Muzic, Jr, Bryan J. Traughber

Mon Nov 27 2017 12:45PM - 1:15PM ROOM MI Community, Learning Center

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