VeloSano2017 Ride Report

Stormy weather necessitated a rain delay and route adjustments.  But, just as cancer does not quit when it rains, neither did the QILers.  We all completed the Fun Ride and together raised $3,060. Thanks to the generosity of especially Radiation Oncology and Radiology.

Among labs riding for the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Team, the QIL had

  • The greatest number of riders
  • All made their fundraising goals
  • One became a Big Wheeler by doubling the goal
  • The highest number of recruited new riders
  • The highest amount of funds raised
  • The CCCC subcaptain for the Fun Ride
  • The most fun

Lab members, friends and family enjoyed the pre-ride party. 

group photo of the bikers

Jung-Wen (Gloria) Kuo, Rose Al Helo, Kaitlin Muzic, Ray Muzic, Atallah Baydoun

A family posing together after the bike race.


Kaitlin, Linda, Hannah, and Ray Muzic (Beauty and the beast)

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Team


The Case Comprehensive Cancer (CCCC) team


Selfie during bike race of the bikers.

Saturday we were happy to ride after the rain delay.  Here is a selfie (thanks Kaitlin) at the start.  The CCCC team had a young rider Luke (just to the left of Kaitlin) who did quite well.  Luke’s mom is to the right.  In the center behind Kaitlin is Ray and behind him are Richard, Rose, and Atallah.

Bikers posed for a picture with their bikes in the park.

Atallah Baydoun, Rose Al Helo, Ray Muzic, Kaitlin Muzic, and Richard Agnes all enjoyed the ride, parked the bikes, posed for a photo, and then got refreshments after completing the ride.

The bikers jersey.
Image of the weather update to show what the weather will be like.
2017 fun bike ride route showing the route on google maps


A painting of red, black, and white splattered paint.

To help him reach his goals, Richard Agnes made a painting (pictured above) as raffle prize. The raffle winner received an abstract drip painting titled, “To Give and To Receive, I.”  All his donors were gifted with a postcard copy of the painting!