The Department of Radiology has a history rich in research, collaboration, and innovation. This tradition continues today with Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals forming the Case Center for Imaging Research (CCIR) as well as a partnership with Philips Healthcare. The Department is comprised of nine divisions with research interests including the development of new imaging tracers, the acquisition of new MRI sequences, novel methods for PET/MRI and SDCT, dual X-ray, and others.

Departmental faculty are involved in numerous internal studies, industry-sponsored trials, and NIH-supported grants. The Department of Radiology is committed to upholding the tradition of research excellence. The driving force behind everything we do is simply to provide patients with the best diagnostic and therapeutic medical care possible.

To support the goal of the advancement of radiological science, the Department has created the Radiology Research Administration (RRA). The RRA provides comprehensive research imaging services to meet the needs of investigators and sponsors using imaging facilities and equipment located inside University Hospitals.

The overall mission of the RRA is to provide oversight in the responsible use of imaging services in research through leadership, education, and guidance to support both novice and experienced clinical investigators in their research endeavors. Our clinical research professionals will assist from start-up to completion of clinical research projects.

Our aim is to assist in the development of innovative research and collaborations inside and outside the Department of Radiology which can translate into advanced clinical techniques, training in safe and efficient use of imaging tools, and dissemination of current, accurate and evolving technology.

The Department of Radiology welcomes opportunities for collaborative research. We strongly encourage principal investigators and study coordinators to involve radiology at the beginning of the protocol and budget approval process. This helps ensure that the appropriate professional and technical services are available for your study, minimizing any delays in startup.

To learn more about the Case Center for Imaging Research (CCIR), please visit the dedicated website