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Fred  Collopy

Fred Collopy

Vice Dean of Weatherhead School of Management and Professor of Design and Innovation (216) 368-2048 (o)

Fred Collopy received his PhD in decision sciences from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has done extensive research in forecasting, objective setting in organizations, time perception and visual programming. His research has been published in leading academic and practitioner journals, including Management Science, the Journal of Marketing Research, the International Journal of Forecasting, the Journal of Forecasting, Chief Executive, and Interfaces.

Collopy studies the design process and uses these insights to design information tools for managers. For example, he developed a system to help forecasters logically choose the best forecasting method for a given situation and to add qualitative data to the process. Collopy is currently designing methods to convert data into images to help analysts visualize financial information. He also conducts research in the application of design to organizational innovation.


PhD, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 1990
BA, Thomas More College, 1971

Research summary

Collopy's research is a blend of thinking and doing, of the empirical and the constructive. It is infour principal areas. For almost two decades, he has been working on a basic problem inbusiness forecasting—no single forecasting method performs well across all kinds of data andsituations. That has produced an extensive program of research related to forecasting that hasincluded work on expert systems development, assessment methodologies, statistical patternrecognition and applications of neural networks. More recently, he has been involved in anefforts to conceptualize how to manage by designing, an approach to management thatcomplements the decision-oriented approach in wide use. His interest in design extends to thedesign of visualization instruments. Finally, Collopy has done work related to how people useinformation in setting objectives and on how they perceive time when using informationsystems.Collopy teaches courses in technology, systems thinking and how to manage by designing.Collopy, F. APCI Design Innovation Conference, "Managing Creativity or Managing Creatively",APCI, Paris, France. (2009).