Frequently Asked Questions

Is an undergraduate engineering degree required for admission?

Yes, typically only students with engineering degrees can apply for admission. However, we will also consider applicants with Computer Science degrees from ABET accredited colleges and universities.

Can I join the program in the fall or spring semester?

The program always starts in the summer and runs for 12 months.

Can I do the program part time?

This program is only available in a full time, lock step curriculum on campus.

Application deadline for 2019

The application deadline in January 18th, 2019.

Do I need experience to pursue this degree?

No, we look for early career engineers or engineering students with 0-5 years of work experience.

What is the early-entry track?

Our early-entry track is an option for undergraduate students with junior standing looking to matriculate into the MEM program. Students have the option to begin the program during the summer before their senior year and then resume their undergraduate curriculum in the fall. Once the students graduate with their undergraduate degree, they can then resume their MEM studies the following fall semester since their summer semester courses will have been completed already. 

How long has the program been around?

The first MEM class graduated in 2003. TiME (The Institute for Management and Engineering-a joint program between the Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management) was one of the first to offer an MEM program. It was established at CWRU in 2000 with a US $4.2 million endowment from the Timken Foundation and continues to evolve to meet the needs of students and industry.

What days of the week are classes held?

Classes are held three days a week (typically Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). This allows two days of the week (typically Thursday and Friday) for students to work at their internship. 

Are students admitted on a rolling basis or in batch?

On a rolling basis, but we do have a deadline of January 18, 2019.

Do I need an original transcript to apply for the program?

We do require an original transcript once you've been accepted and choose to enroll in our program. But for application purposes, a copy of your transcript can be attached in order to be considered for acceptance.

Is the GRE required for all applicants?

Depending on your GPA, if you are a domestic student, you may be considered for a waiver. Contact our office for details.

Can I apply before my test scores are available?

Yes, you can submit your application but it will not be reviewed for admission until your test scores are received at our office. 

How much do electives cost?

A student can enroll in electives in the fall and spring and at no extra cost as long as the total number of credits does not exceed 18 total credits for the semester.

How do I register for classes?

Once you are enrolled, you log in to SIS to schedule classes. Ramona David, Admissions Manager, will email you the schedule of classes once you are enrolled.

How do I start the process of obtaining my I-20 paperwork?

We work closely with the International Student Service Office who will be in contact with you after you confirm enrollment about the necessary documents you need to provide. Find more information on the International Student Services site. 

When can I apply and how quickly do I get a decision?

Apply early for maximum merit-based scholarship awards. Your admission decision will be sent electronically within 30 days of the application deadline you submitted for.

How much does this program cost?

Tuition per semester is currently $22,080.00 and the program is 3 semesters total. For further information on financing options, please contact Financial Aid 

Is everyone eligible for scholarship?

All applicants are considered for merit- based scholarships.

What other scholarship opportunities are there for MEM students?

Here are some possible sources of funding that you may want to look into:

Is the MEM program considered a STEM program?

Yes, the MEM program is considered a STEM program and as such qualify for the 24-month STEM optional practical training extension.