Student In the news

Image of John Tomko.
  • John Tomko learned how to code on a TI-84 calculator at the urging of a high school math teacher. Tomko took on the challenge—and now, the rudimentary programming method seems simple to Tomko, having earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and nearing completion of the Master of Engineering and Management program at Case Western Reserve University. Now in the program’s final semester, Tomko’s understanding of the engineering field has evolved even more—and he recently was honored as one of the program’s top students with the Richards Fellowship. Read more about it here 



  • Doug Kirk was part of the Weatherhead team representing Case Western Reserve Univerity for the 3rd annual Goodyear Innovation Challenge took place last week on November 8 and 9 to solve the question, “Where can Goodyear play beyond tires in the future of mobility?”. read more about it here