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Laura Marshall 

Senior Business Director of Industrial Education Programs & Entrepreneurial Projects
Email: lxm68@case.edu
Phone: 216.368.5762

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Nazanin Tousi

Industry Relations and Talent Manager
Email: nazanin.tousi@case.edu
Phone: 216.368.3816

 What’s so impressive about CWRU students?

Let’s start with the fact that CWRU students are never just one thing.  The typical student is smart.  Great.  Who isn’t?  But geeky-smart?  Now you’re on to something. According to Urban Dictionary, we’re “the only university in the country where having a better computer is more important than a girlfriend.”

We bet someone at HerCampus spotted that definition when they gave us the 10th spot on their 2013 geekiest colleges list.  Or maybe they saw that the Huffington Post named us the “Trendiest College that Flies Under the Academic Radar…But Shouldn’t.”

Combine geeky with enterprising, though tough, and you get more than good grades and fancy computers; you get big ideas.  Lots of them:  in the last year and a half, CWRU students launched 31 new ventures, including 4 that showcased at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

On top it all off, our students care about more than individual success.  CWRU ranked 4th in Washington Monthly’s Guide to Colleges that Contribute to the National Good and we made Campus Pride’s Top 25 LGBT-Friendly Campuses list. 

We could go on, but ultimately we want you to form your own impression of our students.  So, post a job with us, come to campus for a career fair, an information session, or on-campus interview.  Or, contact us about connecting with our students virtually.  However you engage them, you’ll be impressed.

Master of Engineering and Management (MEM) program is a one year program for recent engineers who would like to hone their management and leadership skills. MEM students complete the first level of business and management courses to become ready to solve the complex business problems with creative solutions. Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, Communication, Creativity and Cultural Awareness of the fundamentals of the MEM program. Flexible curriculum permits students to work up to 20hr per week. For more information about the Internship and how to partner with MEM program please contact the industry team