Alumni Testimony


Abhideep Dasgupta

Business Headshot of Abhideep


Celonis- Data Scientist and Management Consultant

"MEM at Case Western taught me exactly the skills I was looking for, and helped me combine my technical background with more of a business understanding, allowing me to stand out over other candidates. I graduated and found a job where I work with technology in a pre-sales capacity, allowing for a large amount of consulting and working with clients, which is exactly what I wanted out of the program."

Kate Kalnicki

Headshot of Kate Kalnicki


Accenture- Management Consultant 

"MEM was the best decision I made for my professional and personal growth and development. The skills I developed during the program have been invaluable in the first 5 years of my career. The MEM program is a safe space to experiment and push beyond your comfort zone to help you realize creative and innovative opportunities. The Professors and Staff care deeply to see students succeed and make a difference in their chosen career path."

William Tavel

Headshot of William Tavel


DuckerFrontier Consulting- Senior Analyst

"MEM helped me transfer my analytical problem solving skills I developed as an engineer into practical business acumen. Learning how to work in multi-disciplinary environments and bringing innovative problem solving techniques as well as technical expertise to a geopolitical economics and strategy consulting firm has given me a unique lens in which to provide data-driven solution to help my client meet their goals."

Drew Swartz

Headshot of Drew Swartz


Salesforce- Senior Success Manager

"The biggest impact for me was the project based classes in the MEM program. Learning to work as a team towards a common goal, take in customer/client feedback and give a presentation. All experience that got me where I am today."

Mary Ann Tai

Headshot of Mary Ann Tai


ZOLL Circulation- Manager, Clinical affairs 

"The CWRU MEM program enhances your current skill set by providing the building blocks necessary for a successful career in management.  These building blocks include project management skills, organizational behavior awareness, and how to make the most of leadership and mentoring opportunities.  The lessons that you learn in the CWRU MEM program can be used to drive your career to new heights."

John Todia

Headshot of John Todia


QGenda, Inc- Customer Success Consultant

"MEM provided valuable professional experiences, both in and outside of the classroom. As much as they possibly could, instructors gave us insight to their industry and roles. We were also lucky to participate in numerous projects sponsored by companies in collaboration with Case and Weatherhead. Asking the right questions, making strategic decisions, and communicating with managers or executives were some of the most important lessons I learned."

Ben Rose

Headshot of Ben Rose


L'Oreal- Director, SalonCentric Store Analytics

"The MEM program taught me how to apply the technical skills I had gained from engineering to actual life.  The real world at work is nothing like the textbooks; it's messy and unpredictable, there are constraints that you didn't know about, and there are people with backgrounds, skills, and motivations that are very different to yours.  The MEM degree allowed me to understand how I can best use my skills within an organization to further goals for both myself and the teams with whom I work."

Nakul Bijoor

Headshot of Nakul Bijoor


Ernst and Young US LLP- Senior Consultant 

"The MEM program at CWRU opened up a vast number of opportunities for me to expand on my predominantly engineering focused background towards the realms of business and strategy that I am involved with today. The program specifically served as the pedestal that I was looking for to leverage my technical skillset in the world business and strategy consulting."