The MEM advantage

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Our program is intense and unique.  We offer our students a lock-step program that focuses on understanding critical functional areas in business while leveraging the excellent problem-solving skills inherent in Engineering.  We designed the program to balance academic expertise with industry experience.  Our courses are taught by experts in their fields and thought leaders in business management. Most students describe our program as transformational and a significant investment in accelerating their career.  Our students seek careers in consulting, project management, business development, technical sales, supply chain management and more.

Snapshot of MEM

Matthew Davis graduated with his MEM degree in 2013, and went on to work at Parker Hannifin. Watch the video to learn more about what he does and one of the varied career paths that an MEM alumnus has taken. 

Mathias Elligiers graduated in 2014 with his MEM degree and shares how it helped him follow his dream of designing and taking a product to market and starting his own company.