MEM students on the Nautica cruise.

MEM students enjoying a boat cruise on Lake Erie.

Our program is intense and unique.  We offer our students a lock-step program that focuses on understanding critical functional areas in business while leveraging the excellent problem solving skills inherent in Engineering.  We designed the program to balance academic expertise with industry experience.  Our courses are taught by experts in their fields and thought leaders in business management. Most students describe our program as transformational and a significant investment in accelerating their career.  Our students seek careers in consulting, project management, business development, technical sales, supply chain management and more.

In the News

  • Shouldn't our students then start acquiring these skills when they are in schools rather than wait until they join universities? And, if yes, then how can we bring entrepreneurship training to our public schools? Dr. Satish Nambisan's article makes a compelling argument.
  •  Case Western Reserve ranked 13th in the country—ahead of Harvard, Georgia Tech, and the University of Chicago—in a new study of research universities’ effectiveness in translating research breakthroughs into commercial success. Read the article in The Daily.
  • Michael Goldberg, assistant professor of design and innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management, facilitated a discussion with Nicole Isaac, head of U.S. public policy at LinkedIn, at the City Club of Cleveland for ideastream. They discussed the unique position of Cleveland in the business world—specifically attracting Amazon and other technology-driven companies. Additionally, they discussed how LinkedIn is innovating data analysis, what advances in technology may bring and participated in a Q&A session. Watch the discussion.
  • John Tomko learned how to code on a TI-84 calculator at the urging of a high school math teacher. Tomko took on the challenge—and now, the rudimentary programming method seems simple to Tomko, having earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and nearing completion of the Master of Engineering and Management program at Case Western Reserve University. Now in the program’s final semester, Tomko’s understanding of the engineering field has evolved even more—and he recently was honored as one of the program’s top students with the Richards Fellowship. Read more about it here. 
  • CHIMU brings African clothes to Cleveland. “There was something in me that said, ‘Go for it!’”. That’s when Chioma Onukwuire, a Master in Engineering and Management student at Case Western Reserve University, started CHIMU, a business that brings African fashion to Cleveland. “When I was growing up, getting African clothing was a nightmare. My mom would have to contact my cousin in Nigeria, who would then find a tailor there to make the clothing. I had no say in the style or even the color. I just had to trust the tailor to make me look good,” Chioma said. “I wanted to make the process more accessible and convenient.” Read an article about Chioma.