CWRU Families Newsletter (Feb. 2023)

CWRU Class of 2024 student Alex Lippiatt (right) with his parents, Keith and Lina (left), at sister Indie’s (middle right) graduation celebration.

This newsletter was sent via email on Feb. 14, 2023 to parents and families of Case Western Reserve University undergraduates.

Parent Spotlight: Keith and Lina Lippiatt

Student: Alexander Lippiatt
Class Year: 2024
Hometown: Westlake Village, California

How do you connect with your student?

We usually text or speak with him every two to three days. Sometimes it’s just a “Hi, are you good?” type of contact. Sometimes his older sister FaceTimes us and patches him on, giving us an opportunity to have a long and leisurely chat. During soccer season, we try to watch his team in person as often as we can. Post-game hugs are always special, whether they win or lose.

What resources have been helpful to you in supporting your student?

The Parents Leadership Council has really been helpful in making us aware of the available resources. We have attended information sessions on campus security, career planning, mental health, etc. We also benefit greatly from other parents who share their experiences. Collectively, the knowledge allows us to remind our son that there are resources he can tap into. As an athlete, he also has access to trainers and doctors who can help him prevent or treat an injury, so that resource helps ease our minds, too.

How do you support your student while they are on campus?

We try to be aware of his activities. “What do you have going this week?” is a question we ask often. Then, as the week unfolds, we ask him how things went and just listen to him talk about them. During soccer season, we are in Cleveland a lot, so we cook him lunch and dinner for him to eat with us or take with him.

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University News

New fund to expand student access to experiences beyond the classroom

Keeping talented students enrolled, while developing their sense of academic and social belonging, is as important as removing the financial barriers to affording an education. Through the generosity of Candace and Vince (MED ’73) Gaudiani, and coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on Jan. 15, Case Western Reserve University established the Dream Fund to improve access to co-curricular and extracurricular experiences for under-resourced undergraduate students.

​​​​​​In celebration of the program’s launch, the Gaudianis, who also provided the initial support for the Student Emergency Fund, have committed an additional $50,000 as a match challenge to immediately expand the Dream Fund initiative. To make a gift in support of this challenge, please visit

2023 Career, Education and Inspiration Expo

Friday, March 3, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Career, Education and Inspiration Expo is an on-campus event for students and alumni of Case Western Reserve University to meet with recruiters for hiring opportunities as well as admissions representatives from graduate and professional school programs. It will also feature on-campus engagement and experiential learning opportunities.

Employers will look to recruit students of all majors for opportunities including internships, co-ops, practicum and full-time jobs. Employers typically send CWRU alumni as representatives, so this is a great networking opportunity, even if you're not in the market for a position.

University Health and Counseling Services

University Health and Counseling Services provide holistic care to CWRU students. Their mental health services include same-day sessions, psychiatry, brief individual counseling, workshops and groups, substance use and recovery services, nutrition services, crisis support and more. Visits to UHCS are provided to students without additional cost. Check out their webpage for more information.

Think summer … and what classes are on your students’ horizons

Temperatures in Northeast Ohio might not reflect it, but spring will be here before we know it—which means that, while many of our students look forward to getting back on the quad and experiencing the spring semester, it’s also time to look ahead to Case Western Reserve’s summer sessions.

Plan to talk as a family about what courses will be most beneficial to take during the summer. There are 100 courses students can take to get ahead, to get back in sequence or to explore a subject that is of interest. Registration opens March 27 for graduate students and April 3 for undergraduates. Learn more about the summer session and see the early courses listings.