University Health & Counseling Services now has updated locations


Location Address How to Make an Appointment

Counseling Services

220 Sears Library Building (Map)

or call (216) 368-5872

Health Services

Clinic A

2145 Adelbert Rd. (Map) (PDF Map)


In order to ensure you are going to the correct Health Services location please make an appointment at or call (216) 368-2450 and leave a message for a nurse before coming. Check your appointment confirmation for location details. 

Health Services

Clinic B

Dental Research Building, 

Ground floor

2124 Cornell Rd.(Map) (PDF Map)

Health Services

Clinic C

Dental Research Building

1st Floor

2124 Cornell Rd. (Map)(PDF map)

COVID Testing and Vaccine
COVID Vaccine

Nursing Research Building

1st Floor

2120 Cornell Rd
COVID Testing

Robbins Building 

First Floor

2210 Circle Dr.
Additional Supports

Please click here for additional supports for Black Students and our message to the community. 

Statement of Support for Asian Community

UH&CS and departments across campus express support for our Asian community members.