Business card, letterhead, notepads and stationery items

The university has a set style to follow for listing academic degrees and alumni status. A few guidelines are listed below, especially as it relates to use on business cards and stationery.


To review all editorial guidelines, download a PDF from the University Marketing and Communications website.


Academic Degrees

Capitalize full names of degrees, but only those words that are part of the formal title of the degree. Do not capitalize academic degrees in casual references when the full title of the degree is not given. Note correct use of apostrophes and spelling.



The Master of Science in Nursing degree (This degree is abbreviated MSN, with the word nursing part of the formal title.)

The Master of Arts degree in comparative literature (Since this degree is simply the MA, the words comparative literature are not capitalized.)

The Master of Arts degree in comparative literature, a master’s degree in comparative literature, a master’s in comparative literature

Abbreviations of academic degrees take no periods.



John Jones, PhD


In general, list only a person’s highest degree when including his or her credentials.



John Jones, PhD (not John Jones, BA, MA, PhD)


Alumni Status

Identify alumni with abbreviations of their schools and their years of graduation in parentheses after their names. Case Western Reserve University includes its former schools and colleges to honor the graduates of academic programs, schools and colleges that are no longer functioning under their original names.

ADL           Adelbert College (non-engineering undergraduates until 1971)

ARC           School of Architecture

CIT            Case Institute of Technology (undergraduates from 1947 to 1987)

CLC           Cleveland College

CSAS         Case School of Applied Science (undergraduates up to 1947)

CWR          Case Western Reserve (undergraduates, 1989 and after*)

DEN          School of Dental Medicine

EDU          School of Education

FSM           Flora Stone Mather College (women undergraduates from 1931 to 1971)

GRS           School of Graduate Studies

LAW          School of Law

LYS            School of Information and Library Science

MED          School of Medicine

MGT          School of Management

MNO         Master of Nonprofit Organizations

NUR          Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

PHA           School of Pharmacy

SAS            School of Applied Social Sciences

WRC          Western Reserve College (non-engineering undergraduates from 1973 to 1988)

*Includes College of Arts and Sciences and Case School of Engineering.



John Smith (CIT ’72, LAW ’74)

Mary Martin (CWR ’97; GRS ’99, English)

Victor Victoria (MGT ’82, LAW ’84)

Helen Mayberry (FSM ’45, LYS ’48)

Michael Antony (GRS ’84, chemistry, and ’88, computer science)

Hope Prevails (CWR ’04, MNO ’06)

Mary (CWR ’88) and John (MGT ’04) Smith

Melissa and Jack (LAW ’07) Wilson

Chris Taylor, PhD (ADL ’66)

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In order to improve quality, protect our brand and ensure accurate colors are on the items, we are now off-set printing all stationary items. In the past, items like business cards were being produced digitally. While digital printing is faster and more convenient, it does not provide the quality and accuracy the off-set process provides allowing us to have greater brand integrity.

All items must be ordered through the FedEx Office online portal. Then, click on the stationery link and choose the item, quantity and authorized logo. Next, enter information into the online form. Subsequently, an online proof will be generated for review. Once approved, it will be routed to production. You will not receive an additional hard copy proof. Payment is rendered by providing your speedtype number at checkout.

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If you need a specialty item or require modifications, call the center for assistance. If the order will be ongoing, we may add it to the site for future orders.

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