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Deciding what to major in as an undergrad? Considering earning a graduate degree to advance your career? At Case Western Reserve University, the academic degrees we offer are as unique as the students who pursue them. Explore our hundreds of top-ranked undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs to determine the next step in your academic journey.

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Africana Studies

Seek to understand the historical and contemporary African and African diasporic experience by studying a range of disciplines, including religion, politics, literature, and social and behavioral science.

Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies

The core of the Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Studies major is the study of the history, culture, languages, and literatures of the Ancient Near East and Egypt until the end of the ancient world.


Understand the connections between human behavior, institutions and biology as you prepare for a wide range of careers—from health to public service.

Applied Mathematics

Through the power of mathematics, you can create models that allow you to analyze and help solve real-world problems across a wide range of fields.

Art History

Take classes in one of the United States' major art museums. Surround yourself with collections from different cultures as you develop or hone your expertise.

Art Studio

Develop and nurture your creativity, critical eye and talent through hands-on work under the instruction of experienced artists and teachers.

Asian Studies

Study the global and regional impact of Asian cultures as you explore the intricacies of their social, cultural and political perspectives.


The engaged faculty who lead our astronomy programs are committed to getting all students active in research on topics ranging from galaxy formations to telescope design.


Discover how biology and chemistry intersect as you become a highly trained scientist who can have a major impact on solving public health issues.


Through partnerships across campus, Cleveland and beyond, you’ll study and conduct hands-on research on anything from animal behavior to plant biotechnology.


Be at the forefront of the rapidly growing biotechnology field, gaining training from vaccine and drug development to forensics, toxicology and quality control.

Chemical Biology

How can chemistry solve biological questions? In our program, you'll study small molecules to understand the fundamental aspects of living systems.


Get ready to solve today's problems as a chemist—or in one of many related careers. Here, we cover everything from biochem to interstellar chemistry.

Childhood Studies

Study life stages from infancy through adolescence with focuses on child policy, parenting, gender, and the place of children in society and culture.


Immerse yourself in Chinese language, literature and culture as you develop skills that can be applied to government, business and academic fields.


Using approaches ranging from anthropological to philosophical, you'll gain knowledge in the languages and literature of ancient Greece and Rome.

Cognitive Linguistics

Study the relation between language and the mind through integrated linguistic and cognitive research.

Cognitive Science

As you study the brain and mind, you'll not only learn the core disciplines of cognitive science, but also the impact of arts and humanities on individuals.

Communication for Health Professionals

Complement your health studies with theoretical and practical communication courses that you can apply across the spectrum of health professions.

Communication Sciences

See how you can help individuals with hearing, speech, language and learning difficulties by studying disorders, psychology, linguistics and more.

Contemporary Dance

Acquire master’s-level professional development in choreography, performance, pedagogy and complementary courses in dance science.

  • Full-Time

Creative Writing

Find yourself as a writer through a rigorous, creative curriculum that will prepare you for a career as a poet, novelist, journalist, editor and more.


Whether dance is a hobby or your future career, we provide the highest caliber of education and training across styles ranging from ballet to modern.

Engineering Physics

Have a strong interest in physics and engineering? Here, you can study both. Our curriculum prepares you for a career in the industry of your choice.

  • Full-Time


From classic literature to graphic novels, specialize your studies to spur your intellectual curiosity, analytical dexterity and creative thinking skills.

Environmental Geology

Our program combines geological, basic and applied sciences to provide you with a deep understanding of environmental problems and employable skills.

  • Full-Time

Environmental Nutrition

Develop a foundational knowledge of the interplay between nutritional and food sciences, environmental issues, and food systems sustainability and health.

Environmental Studies

This multidisciplinary program rounds out your education and skills, diving into the moral, cultural and political dimensions of environmental issues.


Through the study of ethical theory and moral issues, you'll gain a heightened awareness of today's world and grow your critical-thinking skills.

Ethnic Studies

Challenge yourself to think critically and better understand the interactions of race, class, gender, and sexuality across a range of social groups.

Evolutionary Biology

Discover the history of life on Earth, understand evolutionary processes and prepare for a career in a range of fields, from agriculture to medicine.


Study the history of film and its impact on popular culture as you discover how to turn a passion for movies and screenwriting into a career.


Master French language skills while studying literature, film and the arts, and grow your appreciation for the diversity of Francophone cultures.

French and Francophone Studies

Designed to develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding, this program gives you flexibility to study all aspects of French/Francophone culture.

  • Full-Time

Geological Sciences

Obtain a solid background in earth sciences and hone the research and critical-thinking skills you need to ask—and answer—questions about the world.

  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time


Become a master of German language, literature and culture as you develop skills that can be applied to a variety of fields in today's global economy.

Gerontological Studies

Integrating research and theory, this multidisciplinary program allows you to study the social and professional effects of our aging population.


Learn to grapple with today's issues by developing a deeper understanding of the past. A degree in history can prepare you for a multitude of careers.

History and Philosophy of Science

Explore the nature and historical development of science and related disciplines (technology, medicine and mathematics) through a humanistic lens.

International Studies

Develop expertise in a region of the world—including its languages and issues—and gain a better understanding of global dynamics and complexities.

  • Full-Time


Study Italian language at all levels while immersing yourself in the literature and culture—potentially through a study abroad experience.

  • Full-Time


Develop the ability to understand, speak, read, and write in Japanese as you build your appreciation of the culture, including literature, film, and theatre.

Japanese Studies

Grow your understanding of Japanese language and culture as you study everything from literature to religion, history to art.

Judaic Studies

Discover Judaic history, religion and culture through a program that conveys the complex experiences comprising Jewish ethnic and religious identity.


Math plays a key role in the physical, biological, economic and social sciences. Prepare for a career across fields by honing your skills in math and statistics.

Mathematics and Physics

Experience a synergistic, coherent and parallel education in mathematics and physics in a program that combines the cores of both disciplines.

  • Full-Time

Military Ethics

From human rights to the principle of noncombatant immunity and more, our interdisciplinary program will strengthen your knowledge in moral and political philosophy and international relations.

  • Full-Time


Hone your musical skills and knowledge through an experience that gives you a wide range of opportunities for musical study and participation. This program requires audition.

Music Education

Want to use your musical skills to teach others? Pursue a fully accredited curriculum that develops your abilities for musical instruction.

  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time

Music: Historical Performance Practice

Our rigorous and high-level training programs allow you to demonstrate scholarly knowledge and leadership in performance, music history, and performance practices.

  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time


Achieve mastery of the history and methodologies of musicology through our in-depth PhD program.

  • Full-Time

Natural Sciences

Build your understanding of the natural world through an interdisciplinary education that develops a broad background in the sciences.


Attain higher education in modern neuroscience through our comprehensive curriculum and highly interactive academic environment.

  • Full-Time
  • Full-Time

Origins Sciences

Work across disciplines to question and discover the origin and evolution of simple and complex systems—from the big bang to the human mind.

  • Full-Time


Build your analytical, critical thinking and communication skills in a program that shows how philosophy relates to math, science, the arts and more.


Develop your formal, conceptual and technical skills in photographic image making, processing and manipulation.


Through theoretical and experimental work, you’ll study areas spanning the design and development of new materials to the workings of the universe.

Political Science

Explore political behavior, government institutions, international relations, finance, policy-making, protest and revolution and more in our programs.


Explore the forms, history and functions of architecture while gaining studio skills and practical knowledge from learning outside of the classroom.


Our program provides a well-rounded background in all aspects of the human experience—from brain functions to neuron actions, from child development to care for the aged.

Public Policy

In our program, you’ll analyze the equity, efficiency and practicality of proposed policies—and generate alternatives that could impact politics.

Religious Studies

Explore and interpret beliefs, ideas, texts, practices and institutions from a range of scholarly perspectives to understand religion’s role in life.


This program offers Russian language courses—from beginning to advanced—as well as literature in translation to help you master your skills.

Social Justice

Prepare to address inequities by studying everything from the history of social justice work to appropriate individual and collective remedies.


Study human interaction, the variation in human social organizations and the impact of both on the existence of the individual.


Immerse yourself in Spanish language, literature and culture as you develop skills that can be applied to all government, business and academic fields.

Sports Medicine

Interested in preventing and treating sports injuries? Through our clinical and field experiences, you'll work closely with top-tier health care pros.


Start a career or advance your education in this rapidly changing field as technology continues to provide us with opportunities to understand uncertainty and probability.

Systems Biology

Master advanced quantitative and computational skills in a fast-emerging area of research that combines math, computer science and biological science.


Our programs are dedicated to student success, allowing you to work closely with highly trained professionals on everything from acting to technical theater.

Visual Design

Stimulate your creativity, enhance your visual and artistic skills, and broaden your abilities to think across traditional disciplinary boundaries. 

Women's and Gender Studies

Examine major issues of today in an interdisciplinary program that prepares you to think critically and creatively by using gender in your analysis.

World Literature

Study the literature of a wide variety of countries and regions through our multidisciplinary programs that emphasize contributions of past and present.