Residential Rentals

Front of multiple dwelling home in University Circle

The Office of Real Estate assists Case Western Reserve students, faculty and staff, with off campus housing needs. When available for rent, our office offers spacious apartments, two family and single family homes, all within walking distance to the CWRU campus. These rentals are located in the University Circle area, including Little Italy, and are conveniently situated near public transportation, retail shops, restaurants, and University Hospitals. All of the residences offer a variety of amenities. For more information on specific rentals and to join our mailing lists, please check out the CWRU Residential Properties page.

***Please note that if you are thinking about renting through CWRU Property Management, we are not part of the Housing Department, we do not accept financial aid, and the only pets allowed must reside in a tank or cage.***

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Graduate and Professional Student Housing

CWRU also owns and manages a variety of housing options in the area that are reserved for graduate and professional students. The Triangle Apartments, owned by Case Western Reserve University, is the premier graduate and professional student housing facility on campus. The Triangle is situated in the heart of University Circle, at the corner of Mayfield Road and Euclid Avenue offering easy access to all CWRU graduate and professional schools, University Hospitals, and the Cleveland Clinic. Units available to graduate students include studios, one bedroom units, and two bedroom units. Unit availability varies annually. Please refer to The Triangle Apartments for more information about availability as well as any questions about the property's amenities.

Non-CWRU Housing Options in the Area

Due to the high volume demand we experience for CWRU properties, we often do not have any residences available for rent. We encourage you to join our mailing lists for updates on unit availability. Additionally, there are many off campus housing options in the University Circle area which are not affiliated with CWRU. For more information, please refer Off Campus Listing  or contact our staff at the Office of Real Estate; we will be happy to suggest alternative resources for renting non-CWRU residences.