The Spirit of Benefits Planning


Produced by Matthew K. Weiland and Paul M. Kubek
Content by Steve Shober & Nicole Clevenger

This series of recordings, originally developed as a CD, features a collection of lessons-learned stories, success stories, and take-home tips about Benefits Planning services for service providers, family members, and consumers.

These audio files feature Consultant and Trainer Steve Shober, BS, LSW, of the Center for Evidence-Based Practices (CEBP), a former vocational rehabilitation specialist and job coach who learned crucial benefits-planning skills while on the job, responding to benefits crises and other episodes of financial mishaps and stalled recovery for consumers. Steve’s expertise, combined with his calming voice of authority, provides a comforting sense of can-do when it comes to the benefits arena. The CD also includes an introduction with Nicole Clevenger, BFA.

Use these resources to inspire, educate, and advocate for Benefits Planning services:

  • Enhance your practice
  • Change the culture of your organization
  • Educate and train new staff
  • Educate consumers and families

Listen online to the .mp3 audio files below or download the tracks. 

  1. Keeping Your World Glued Together—Building Relationships (2m 44s)
  2. Keeping Your World Glued Together—Avoiding Crises (3m 17s)
  3. Easing Anxieties and Supporting Self-Efficacy (1m 28s)
  4. Being Caught Off-Guard, Part 1—A Letter Arrives from SSI (2m 14s)
  5. Being Caught Off-Guard, Part 2–A Sense of Panic Ensues (1m 58s)
  6. Being Caught Off-Guard, Part 3–The Panic Derails Recovery (2m 0s)
  7. Being Caught Off-Guard, Part 4—The Lesson Learned (1m 38s)
  8. A Story of Assertive Outreach, Part 1–Taking a Risk (1m 18s)
  9. A Story of Assertive Outreach, Part 2–Taking the Time (2m 10s)
  10. A Non-Reporting and Work Incentives Story, Part 1–Payee Anxiety (2m 14s)
  11. A Non-Reporting and Work Incentives Story, Part 2—Difficult Decisions (2m 42s)
  12. A Non-Reporting and Work Incentives Story, Part 3–Problem Solved (1m 33s)
  13. A Non-Reporting and Work Incentives Story, Part 4–The Lesson Learned (3m 04s)
  14. Take-Home Tip 1: Report Income Every Month and Visit Benefit Office (2m 25s)
  15. Take-Home Tip 2: Alert People about Letters from Social Security (2m 23s)
  16. Take-Home Tip 3: Educate Family and Keep Them Involved (50s)
  17. Take-Home Tip 4: Interpret Information for Each Consumer (2m 50s)
  18. For More Information (44s)