An Update about Online Registration

Some visitors to our new website have experienced some challenges navigating our event-registration process, which requires each person to create his or her own account with a password and email address (work email or personal email). With their feedback, we have made some changes to improve the process and are currently making additional enhancements to reduce the number of steps it takes to register for an event.
While these changes are in development, we encourage you and your colleagues to create an account today. This will ensure a faster registration experience, so you won't miss your events of choice (many fill up fast). The information (data) that you enter on our website helps us manage each event from start to finish, including the following:

  • Seating availability
  • Payments
  • Sign-in rosters
  • Attendance verification
  • Certificates for CEUs
  • Communications with you
  • Create Account

Once you create your account, you will not have to do it again. Click this link and follow the instructions on the screen. ((NEED LINK))

Help Page

This page of our website provides some explanation and helpful tips for creating an account and registering for events.

Read more.

See You Soon

Thank you for your patience during this process, your feedback, and your ongoing commitment to providing the best services available to people with mental illness and co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. We look forward to seeing you soon.