Professional FAQs

Health Care Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

What role does a volunteer provider play?

Clinical preceptors (CP) are nurse practitioners (NP), licensed social workers (LISW), and physicians (MD/DO) who volunteer to guide and mentor medical, nursing, physician assistant, and social work students. They aim to provide safe and appropriate medical care to all SRHC patients.

While the students play an integral role in the initial assessment of the patient, the CP assumes the ultimate responsibility for the medical care that each patient receives.

Volunteering at the SRHC gives clinical preceptors the opportunity to work in a unique teaching environment, mentoring interprofessional student teams made up of medical, nursing, physician assistant, and social work students with varying levels of clinical experience.

Who is eligible to become a volunteer provider?

To be eligible to volunteer as a clinical preceptor (CP), one must be an independently licensed social worker (LISW) in the state of Ohio; a licensed physician (MD/DO); or a nurse practitioner (NP) in primary care—excluding pediatrics as our clinic currently sees only adults.

Past volunteer experience is not required, but it is encouraged. CPs must be ready and willing to work with medical, nursing, physician assistant, and social work students and help to develop clinical skills. There is no minimum commitment, but CPs able to work more than one clinic date will be given preference. Additionally, all MD/DOs must have completed residency and all CPs must have an active DEA number.

What is the application process like?

Potential clinical preceptors (CP) will need to email one of our volunteer coordinators via

Will I be covered?

Any provider within the Cleveland Clinic Foundation has insurance coverage that automatically extends to the Student-Run Health Clinic. All other clinical preceptors (CP) will be asked to provide a copy of malpractice insurance that will allow us to provide them with coverage through Circle Health Services Cleveland. Coverage through the clinic is free for the CP, and you will not have to fill out an additional application, the volunteer coordinators will handle all paperwork.

Will I have to go through training?

There will be a short module that will be sent to the clinical preceptor (CP) ahead of their clinic date. This will allow the CP to become familiar with how our clinic operates, review expectations and become comfortable with the patient flow. Additionally, there will be a thirty minute walk-through of the clinic in the morning while the first patients are completing paperwork and having vitals checked. The preceptor will also meet their assigned student team during this time.

Will I have to follow up with patients?

Preceptors will need to provide contact information in case follow up is required. The clinical coordinators—student board members in charge of clinic procedure—will handle labs and negative results. However, since we will only be providing acute care at SRHC, the majority of patients will require no follow-up.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

There is no minimal time commitment, but we highly encourage all clinical preceptors (CPs) to volunteer twice a year. This will help establish continuity in the clinic and allow for familiarity between students and CPs.

How long will I be at the clinic?

Clinical preceptors (CPs) will be expected to arrive at the Clinic by 9 a.m. for a brief walkthrough while the first patients are being processed. The last patients are taken at noon, and preceptors should be able to stay until 2 p.m. at the latest.

Is there opportunity for an expanded role?

Yes. Just as there is no minimum commitment, we will never turn away anyone who wants to take on a more active role in our clinic. We are exploring the possibilities of creating electives for fourth-year medical and nursing students, which would expand interested clinical preceptors’ (CP) roles into a more defined mentorship.

For any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our directors at