Academic Coaching

Meet with us!

Academic Resources staff members are prepared to equip you with the skills and experiences you need for academic success.  Whether you are a first-year undergraduate student or a third-year graduate student, we will help you better understand your current academic practices and assist you in modifying them to achieve your goals.

We can help you develop:

  • Academic skills essential to being a successful student
  • Study skills to help make your study time more productive
  • Time management practices to help you accomplish all that you need to do and all that you want to do 
  • Test-taking strategies to improve performance on exams and quizzes
  • Conversation groups to practice and improve your English language skills

How to schedule

Sign in to My Journey to schedule an appointment with a member of our specialized team.

  1. Sign in to My Journey using your CWRU ID, password and Duo Security two-factor authentication. 
  2. Click the blue 'Schedule an Appointment' button.
  3. At the bottom of the scheduler select 'Someone Else'
  4. Choose “Academic Resources” as the appointment category.
  5. Select the individual you would like to meet with or 'Anyone on this team' at the top of the list to see the first available appointments.
  6. Indicate what you would like to discuss and select the time that works best for your schedule.

Please arrive on time for every appointment. If your schedule changes, cancel or reschedule your appointment in My Journey at least one business day before your scheduled appointment.