Tips for Academic Success

Review our collection of one-page PDF resources designed to help improve your study habits and academic performance. You can download and save or print them for easy reference. These materials are also available on the third floor of the Sears Building. 


Fall 2023 Semester at a Glance

Spring 2024 Semester at a Glance

Get to Know Academic Resources

Academic Resources Programs and Services

Time Management and Organization

Fighting Procrastination

Finding the Right Place to Study

How Can I Set and Reach My Goals?

Recovering from a Bad Grade or Semester

The Forgetting Curve

Time Management

Notetaking, Reading and Test-Taking

Academic Anxiety

Common Academic Terms

Critical Reading Strategies

Improve Exam Performance

Notetaking Strategies

Reading Strategies

General Study Strategies and Approaches

Creating a Study Group

Exercise Your Brain

Learning Styles

Presentation Skills

Sleep and the Learning Process

Staying Motivated

Top 20 Tips

SI Leader Tips for Studying

BIOL 116/117

CHEM 105/106

CHEM 223/224

PHYS 115/116