Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are your fellow students who are trained to work with you on an individual or small-group basis. Tutors can help clarify course content and assignments, connect class notes and readings and practice problem solving.

A tutor can help you reinforce what you already know, model new ways of learning, monitor your progress over several sessions and help you get ready to ask specific questions of your professor. Peer tutors have been trained to work with you in ways that your professor may not have time to do in class. Peer tutoring is a great supplement to attending class and office hours.

Each peer tutor is available for a minimum of seven hours of tutoring per week. Undergraduates at Case Western Reserve can schedule up to five tutoring appointments per week, all free of charge.

Scheduling Peer Tutoring Sessions

TutorTrac is the tool we use to schedule tutoring hours and locations. Multiple locations throughout campus are available for tutoring, including: virtual appointments, Kelvin Smith Library, Olin, Wade Tutoring Room and Fribley Tutoring Room.

Access TutorTrac

If you are unable to find an available tutoring appointment on TutorTrac, please submit a tutoring request using the tutoring request form.

We strive to fulfill every request in a timely manner; however, this is not always possible. We can only fulfill a request if a qualified tutor is identified. While you are waiting for your request to be fulfilled, please make use of Supplemental Instruction (SI) as available and utilize office hours with the faculty member to answer and clarify any questions.

After submitting the tutoring request form, your request will be reviewed by the tutoring program supervisor. Once reviewed, our program will begin the steps to recruit a tutor if we do not already have a tutor for your specific course.  Please note, even if this recruitment is successful, it can take 2 or more weeks to identify, interview, hire, and onboard a new tutor, so you should be actively pursuing other methods of support in the mean time, such as office hours, peer study groups, etc.  If a tutor is found for your request, you will be directly contacted by email.

If you have any questions about scheduling tutoring sessions, please email

Accessing Peer Tutoring Remotely

If you schedule an online tutoring appointment in TutorTrac for one of your classes, your appointment confirmation will include a link to Zoom. In order to access your appointment, you will need to log into TutorTrac five minutes prior to your appointment. A link will display on the main page for accessing your session. 

If you have questions regarding accessing the peer tutor program, email

Want to Become a Peer Tutor?

If you are interested in joining the tutoring team, visit the Become a Peer Tutor webpage to learn about the information session, application and interview process.

Questions about becoming a peer tutor? Contact Shaun Hoversten, assistant director of academic support resources.

Non-Course Specific Tutoring

Our program is proud to offer all CWRU students two additional means of free tutoring support that fall outside of course-specific content.

Spoken English tutoring is available for improving pronunciation, conversational, and fluency skills.  While this program is geared for any students for whom English is not their first language, all students are free to utilize this service.

Peer Academic Coaching is also available for all CWRU students.  These tutors are specially trained to support you with life and academic skills that will improve class performance in all areas.  Some of these topics include, but are not limited to, time management, study strategies, organization, note taking, avoiding burnout, etc.

Appointments can be made through TutorTrac.

Questions about spoken English language tutoring should be directed to