Accommodated Testing

The Office of Accommodated Testing and Services (OATS) strives to create the best environment to provide appropriate accommodations for all students testing with us. The following information will guide you through the accommodated testing process.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact us or stop by our office

Testing Registration

Use the AIM (Accessible Information Management) system to make test reservations for OATS (see Scheduling Accommodated Exams for additional help). OATS is available to help you with these reservations during office hours.

If you have a temporary testing accommodation and/or are new to the process, we will work with you to schedule your testing appointments, just stop by our office for assistance.

Be prepared for your semester by doing the following:

  • Schedule all of your course quizzes, exams, and finals at the beginning of the semester. If you plan to schedule your exams throughout the semester, these reservations should be made one full week (seven days) in advance. Check our list of important dates to help you schedule your exams on time.
  • Exam times should reflect your class time, unless there is a schedule conflict with another course. (See alternative date/time requests section)
  • Send an email to if there is an issue scheduling your test to fit within our office hours.

Things to be aware of as you schedule your tests:

  • If your faculty changes a test date, you need to edit your appointment.
  • If your exam requires a laptop for testing, include a note in the appointment.
  • Reservations during the semester made less than seven calendar days before the exam date are considered late. There are exceptions for disability-related issues and/or for exam dates changed by faculty. However, late requests may result in a delay in acquiring testing materials, as OATS staff and faculty need a reasonable amount of time to coordinate and process your exam request.

Arriving to OATS Without a Test Reservation

If you arrive at OATS without a reservation, you are asked to do the following:

  • Use your laptop, or a provided workstation, to schedule the exam through AIM.
  • Proceed to the back of the check-in line once the request has been made.

Exam materials may not be immediately available, and your start time may be delayed.

Scheduling Alternative Date/Time Requests

Email OATS staff at if you need an alternative time/date due to overlapping class times. We need a seven day notice of your exam date during the semester.

You must contact your faculty for any rescheduling requests not due to overlapping classes.

If you miss an assessment date due to use of your Flexible Attendance accommodation, please ensure you have followed protocol by communicating to your faculty about the use of the accommodation per their requested method and timeline. Please contact if you need assistance in negotiating the date/time for a make-up exam.

Testing Days During the Semester

  • Arrive at least five minutes prior to the scheduled start time to ensure that you can start your test on time.
  • Bring your laptop if you have an online exam.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will call your faculty to see if you may still may take the exam. In some cases, students may forfeit the amount of time they were late in accordance with the faculty’s stated class policy.
  • Hang up belongings, set cell phone/smart watches and all other electronics to silent mode, and stow them in our reception area. Only approved devices are permitted in the testing rooms. Do not bring pencil cases or laptop cases into the testing room.

During testing, bring your test to the front desk if:

  • You need your personal belongings for disability-related reasons. You may not access your phone, tablet and/or computer during your exam unless you have permission from the OATS front desk.
  • You have questions for your faculty. Bring your test to the front desk and we will contact them.
  • You need to take a break. Use the closest appropriate restroom location and take all other break time in the OATS waiting area. One break is permitted unless your accommodation states otherwise.

Food purchases must be made prior to check in. You need to eat your food in the reception area unless you have an accommodation for taking food into the testing room.

Room Assignment and Test Timing

We will assign you a room and a stop time, on a sticky note, based on your accommodations. The stop time reflects your accommodation along with the time it takes to proceed to your room assignment.

  • You are responsible for keeping track of your time and adhering to the stop time.
  • We will prompt you verbally, if time has expired and you have not stopped.
  • We will collect the exam when time is up, regardless if you are finished.
  • Faculty are notified if you are not compliant with the stop time.

Scheduling Final Exams

Register for your finals three weeks prior to the first Reading Day. At this time, let us know if you have two or three finals for the same day. We will work with faculty to create an alternate final schedule for you.

Exam times must reflect the OATS Final Schedule (7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.).

Any request to reschedule a final for any other reason must be submitted and approved by the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Academic Integrity

OATS follows the University’s Code of Ethics for Academic Integrity. All perceived possible breaches of academic integrity will be reported both to the faculty member and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.