Notetaking Assistance

If you have an approved notetaking accommodation, the OATS office works to fulfill that accommodation. Scott Bryden, Accommodated Services Coordinator, will work with you. He can be reached at 216.368.2132 or

Peer Notes

If your accommodation request involves a peer notetaker, OATS will search for a student in your course to take notes anonymously. These notes will be uploaded into AIM for your use. 


  1. Select "Notetaking" when customizing your accommodations in AIM.
    • If a class section is a lab, discussion-based class, or essay only, and you will not need a notetaker, please do not select notetaking. This allows us to be more accurate in finding notetakers for you.
  2. OATS staff will attempt to locate a peer notetaker on your behalf.
  3. If a notetaker is found, a notification of the match will be sent to you.
  4. Uploaded notes will be available via the AIM system for you to download and view.

Self Notes

Some students prefer not to have a peer notetaker. If you would rather take notes yourself but could use some assistance, please see your representative in Disability Resources to talk about assistive technology options that may be available to you.

Notetaking Resources

View our list of helpful resources for peer notetakers.