Awareness and Awards

Disability Awareness Month

October is a month dedicated to fostering awareness about life with disabilities. Here at Case Western Reserve University, we use this month to focus on education regarding different types of disabilities and about how we can create an environment of inclusion for those students who have them.

Disability Awareness Month can also be a time for individuals with disabilities to tell their stories. The Disability Resources office often hosts events in October, working with students and other campus partners to help educate others by sharing personal experiences of what living with a disability is like.

Some events are also organized by students and student groups independent from our office. One such event was the excellent "Disabilities Talk-To: Awareness, Acceptance, Assistance, and Answers" presented by Sean, Craig, Paige, and Max—four students with differing disabilities and stories.

View a recording of the event below:

If you have an idea for an event or presentation you would like to organize or collaborate on, please feel free to reach out to the Disability Resources office. We are always happy to assist students and campus partners in fostering awareness and helping to create an inclusive culture here at CWRU.

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advocate Award

In recognition of Disability Awareness Month, Disability Resources presents an annual award celebrating those faculty and staff who advocate for students with disabilities and help foster an inclusive culture here at CWRU.

Students registered with our office are asked to nominate faculty and staff members who were exceptional advocates for students with disabilities at Case Western Reserve University. These nominations are then evaluated by a panel of faculty, staff, and students, to select the winners each year.

When the award was created in 2017, the focus was centered around faculty advocates. In 2018, and beyond, we are now giving the award to one undergraduate faculty member, on graduate/professional faculty member, and one staff member.

The following faculty and staff are recipients of the Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award. They were identified as going above and beyond to assist students with disabilities in reaching their academic and professional goals, and in promoting a culture of inclusion both in and out of the classroom.

2018 Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advocate Award Winners

  • Undergraduate Faculty: Sharon Martin, Associate Professor, Accountancy, Weatherhead School of Management
  • Graduate/Professional: Monique Williams Kelly, Instructor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
  • Staff: Crista Moeller, Program and Recruiting Coordinator, Medical Scientist Training Program, School of Medicine

2017 Outstanding Faculty Advocate Award Winners

  • Nadine M. Marchi, instructor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing;
  • Karie Feldman, lecturer in the Department of Sociology;
  • Richard Drushel, senior instructor in the Department of Biology; and
  • Catherine Rogers, visiting assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition.