Licensing/Professional Standardized Exams

If you received academic accommodations while at Case Western Reserve University, you may be eligible to receive accommodations on examinations that are required by various advanced degree programs as well as licensing/board examinations. Students need to understand that these types of examinations have their own documentation requirements.

Documentation requirements for these examinations can be very different from what is acceptable for Disability Resources, so we strongly encourage students to review the website of any necessary examination prior to reaching out to our office. The testing accommodation websites for some of those examinations are below.

Disability Resources is able to provide a letter of support based on the guidance of the testing agency of your choice that confirms your status as being registered with our office, the accommodations that you were granted, and the period covered during which you used your accommodation. 

Some tests (GRE, LSAT) may offer the opportunity for students to submit a completed COE or COA form (Certification of Accommodations) from our office in lieu of submitting documentation depending on what accommodations are being requested. The form requires our office to sign off that documentation we have on file for you meets requirements. Please review the pertinent website/bulletin to ensure your diagnosis and requests make you eligible for this option. Please also be sure that we have documentation on file for you meeting requirements (or, send new documentation that does). 

Contact us at to request a letter or form be completed. Please note that our office will need time to complete these letters, this process can take up to 4 weeks depending on the examination.

Note about documentation and records:

For exam applications that include forms to be completed by Disability Resources, our staff can only complete forms if our files contain the documentation required by the testing agency. 

Many testing organizations require current documentation. If you need new documentation, plan accordingly. Psychoeducational testing could take six weeks or more to obtain. 

If you're not sure if your documentation meets the requirements of the testing organization for the exam you want to take, please email us at