Diversity 360

Diversity 360 is a campus-wide diversity education program for students, faculty, and staff developed in collaboration between the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity.

Diversity 360 can be implemented into modules for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff that will assist the campus community in advancing its efforts to be a welcoming, inclusive environment for learning, leading and innovation. During fall of 2020, the curriculum was adapted so that it was done completely through Zoom.

Based on research from higher education and the corporate sector about cross-cultural competency, and on results from university climate surveys, the modules will engage participants in learning to:

Diversity 360 Degrees Case Western Reserve
  • Increase capacity to recognize and engage in dialogue across the breadth of differences.
  • Deepen understanding of how affiliations in privileged and marginalized groups impact treatment on campus, campus climate and productivity.
  • Deepen awareness of types of microaggressions and how they affect experiences on campus and in the local community.
  • Discover ways to become a change agent and diversity champion with new knowledge, ideas, and resources about university policies, programs and best practices.

Diversity 360 includes post-assessment of diversity-related knowledge, as well as ongoing programming to assist members of the campus community with the goal of creating a welcoming campus climate at CWRU.

Contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs to learn more about how to implement Diversity 360 in your student organization, school or department.

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