Desired Attributes

Things They Think

All of Case Western Reserve University's nearly 3,000 full-time faculty are distinguished in their fields.

Qualities of a Nominee

Distinguished University Professors demonstrate excellence as teachers and researchers. They make consistent outstanding contributions to their academic discipline and have earned a high level of personal and collegial respect, both within the university and the individual's larger professional community.

Nominees possess: 

  • A stellar academic record that demonstrates excellence and impact of contributions and accomplishments in teaching, research/scholarship and service within the respective academic discipline and unit;
  • A continuous, uniform and coherent record of outstanding accomplishment and the obligation of continued outstanding contributions;
  • A high level of personal and collegial respect, held in high esteem both within the university and the individual's larger professional community;
  • Outstanding national and international stature and distinction within the discipline as demonstrated through internal recognition at the university and especially external recognition through major awards, prizes, medals, shows, exhibits, membership in National Academies, etc.;
  • And significant intellectual and academic contributions impacting and advancing the broader university community (i.e., outside of the discipline and department) through interdisciplinary research and scholarship, collaborative teaching and service that transcend traditional academic fields and disciplinary lines, distinguished service within and for the university.

Recipients receive a medallion at convocation commemorating the honor. Distinguished University Professors also receive financial support for academic work, a permanent increase in annual salary and membership on the President's Distinguished University Professor Advisory Council.