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Graduate Studies in Biochemistry - Degree Requirements, M.S. Program

M.s. in Biochemical Research (Plan A, thesis required, three year program)

Students take courses, engage in research, and participate in formal and informal seminars. Participation in seminars is similar to that of Ph.D. students.  Students usually take one course in each of the first four semesters with the remaining time spent in the laboratory. The only required course is "General Biochemistry". The remaining courses are selected by the student and the advisory committee to provide a coordinated and well-rounded program with specificity in molecular biology, protein chemistry, metabolism, or structural biology.

Students spend the majority of their time conducting independent research in a laboratory mutually agreed upon by the student and the research advisor. Progress of the student is monitored by a pre-thesis committee that is composed of three faculty members, one of whom is the advisor.  This committee provides scientific expertise, offers support in overcoming research difficulties, and evaluates the student's professional development. Due to current budgetary restrictions, this program may not admit students every year.

M.S. in Biochemistry (Plan B)

Students take a full load of courses, participate in seminars, and engage in moderate research.  Students typically enroll in three courses for each of four semesters. Included are two lecture courses and one research course. Required courses are "General Biochemistry" and  "Molecular Biology”  (BIOC 407 and 408).  Remaining courses are selected by the student in consultation with an academic advisor assigned to the student upon enrollment.  The additional coursework required can be in a variety of different disciplines and may also include some bench research (BIOC 601).  In total, this program requires 36 credit hours of which at least 18 hours must be letter graded and the passage of the qualifying exam (EXAM 600).


Graduate Advisor
William C. Merrick

  • 216.368.3578 ph
  • 216.368.3419 f
  • Office: W445
  • Lab: W449


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