Student Parking Permit Renewal

How to Renew Your Student Parking Permit:

 Open the following link in Internet Explorer:

  • Log in using your Case network ID and password. (Do not set up or use a guest account)
  • Click the link near the bottom of the page that states “get permits.”
  • From there, choose the permit with the beginning date that best suits your needs. **
  • Follow the instructions to check out.
Important Information

1. The start date of the permit must be selected. The end date is automatically set to the end of the semester.

2. If you cancel your parking permit during the semester, you will lose your parking space and it will be offered to the next person on the parking waitlist.

3. Any unpaid citations on your parking account must be paid for before purchasing a new parking permit.

4. A valid license plate number must be entered into the system in order to complete your purchase.


If you have any questions, please visit or email


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