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MLA Present and Recent Panels
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As an affiliated organization of the MLA, the SCE maintains two standing panels at the annual MLA convention. Usually, these panels are devoted to current project topics; in recent years, both panels have been dedicated to a single subject. Panels at the MLA are frequently a springboard for a dedicated conference or publication.
Several recent MLA panels are listed below; for 1999 and later panels, there are links to the papers presented.
2007: Writing Empires

2006: The Society for Critical Exchange, 1976-2006
2005: Imperialism, Globalization, and Cultures of Exhibition

2004: "Cognitive Disability and Textuality"
2003: "Casualties of Copyright Policy"
2002: "Globalization and the Image"
2001: "Writing Jazz"
"Men in Feminism Revisited"
2000: "Economies of Writing"
1999: "Humanities Futures"
1998: "The Question of the Gift"
1997: "Rethinking Consumption"
1996: "Literary Properties"

1995: "Law and Order on the Electronic Frontier"
"(Un)Settling Accounts: New Languages of Economic Criticism"

1994: "International Politics of Cultural Appropriation"
"Rethinking Introductory Courses in English"

1993: "Woman, Nation, Narrative"
"Legal Foundations of Cultural Authority"

1992: Forum: "The Law of Texts: Copyright in the Academy"

including workshops on: "Collaboration: Institutional and Cultural Constraints on Collective Production," "The Construction of Authorship," "Author-ity in New Media: Academic Practice in the Digital Environment," and "'Fair Use'" Scholarly Access to Unpublished Materials and Classroom Photocopying"

1991: "Texts and Contexts"
"Dancing Through the Mine Fields of the 21st Century"
"The New Economic Criticism: Principles and Methods"


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