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The Rural Change Project
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Tibetan Street Songs
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NGO Development Projects Active in Tibet



The past decade has seen an increasing number of NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) actively working to provide training and funds for programs aimed at enhancing the quality of life of Tibetan individuals, households and communities.  In conjunction with Professor Gray Tuttle and the Modern Tibet Program at Columbia University, Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Research on Tibet will be devoting a portion of its website to presenting information about the various NGOs working on the Tibetan Plateau.  

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Academy for Educational Development

Asian Scholar Fund

Associazone Per La Solidarieta Internazionale In Asia (A.S.I.A)

Australian Red Cross

Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health, and Insight (B.O.D.H.I.)

Blue Valley Foundation

Boulder-Lhasa City Project

Braille without Borders

The Bridge Fund

Children's Charity Tendol Gyalzur in Tibet

Circle of Health International

Community Development Work in Tibet and Himalayas

Comunidad Humana

Conservation International

Critical Ecosystem Protection Fund

Dagyab e.V.

Damien Foundation


Eastern Tibet Training Institute

EcoMontane Consulting 

Fauna and Flora International

Future Generations

Gomar Computer Program

Handicap International

Heart to Heart International

Heifer Project International

ICIMOD - International Center for Integrated Mountain Development

Imaging Tibet

International Crane Foundation

The Jane Goodall Institute (Roots & Shoots)

Jhamtse International


Jonang Foundation

Kashin-Beck Disease Foundation

Kham Aid Foundation

Kham Kampo Association

Khawachen Assistant Program

KunDe Foundation


Mayul School Project

The Mountain Institute (TMI)

The Nature Conservancy

Netherlands Red Cross

The Ngak Mang Institute of America

Norlha | Helping people in the Himalayas

Nyema Projects

One H.E.A.R.T.

Plateau Music Project

Plateau Perspectives

Rabsal: Pride in Tibetan Culture

The Revolving Sheep Bank Project in Western Tibet

Rokpa UK

Seva Foundation

Shem Women's Group

Siddhartha School Project

Snowland Service Group

SOS Kinderdorf

Society for Ecological Cooperation Alps-Himalaya

South East Asia Prayer Center (SEAPC/TIBET)

Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture

Swiss Red Cross

Tendel Group (under construction)

The Terma Foundation

Tibert Baum

Tibet Heritage Fund

Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund

Tibet Vision Project

Tibetan Arts and Literature Initiative

Tibetan Education And Children's Healthcare (T.E.A.C.H.)

Tibetan Healing Fund

Tibetan Village Project

Trace Foundation

Trace Foundation - Ragya Yak Cheese Project

Trans Himalayan Aid Society (T.R.A.S.)

UV Himalayan Cataract Project

Vision Builders

Wildlife Conservation Society

WWF China 

Zandok Palri