Fall 2023 Events

The Baker-Nord Center's fall programming explores the concept of 'speculation'. Increasingly, daily life propels us into situations that involve navigating risk, adaption, and precarity. Speculation and by extension 'the speculative' have encouraged scholars and artists to ask questions about the status quo, the overlooked and taken for granted, archival silences and the boundaries of knowledge production. Invited guests and the CWRU community will explore this theme with a focus on imagining the possibilities that it enables. 

A Conversation with Thrity Umrigar

Afrofuturism Seminar Series

Cleveland, Commercial Art, and the Modern Popular Music Business

Departures and Destinations: Opening Space in our Gender Imagination

2023 Joseph and Violet Magyar Lecture in Hungarian Studies: On The Hungarian (-American) Literary Imagination

Djuna Barnes, Logic, and Metaphor: How to Take Fiction as Structure

Class and Consumption: George Orwell and the Desecration of Bread

2023 Rose Wohlgemuth Weisman Women's Voice Lecture: Readings and Conversation with Marjorie Hudson and Jocelyn Johnson

Writing Workshop with Marjorie Hudson