3D illustration of person holding a lantern inside of a maze shaped like a human brain

Cognitive science is the transdisciplinary study of the human mind. In the Department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University’s College of Arts and Sciences, we’re unique in our focus on higher-order cognitive capacities, such as social cognition, language, cooperation and creativity. 

Within our department, we have programmatic interests in the following areas: 

  • Language and multimodal communication (including speech, gesture, second language learning, bilingualism, multimedia, and narrative);
  • The use of data science to understand the human mind (including ethical considerations in the application of tools);
  • The reciprocal shaping of cognition and institutions (e.g., money, law, religion); and 
  • How differences in experience (such as race, gender, culture, ideology) shape cognition.

Regardless of your interests in the field, chances are we have an academic program, department talk, or other resources to suit them.