3D Digital illustration of a colorful polygonal brain isolated on blue background

The mission of the Department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University is to foster scholarship that connects human cognition to complex questions. Such questions include:

  • How do institutions (money, law, religion, education…) shape cognition, and how does cognition shape institutions?
  • How do different experiences create different minds? How does this shape our actions, interactions, and cultural practices?
  • What is our cognitive connection to the living planet? How have structures and theories in the cognitive sciences impacted relationships between human and other-than-human?
  • How can changing language change thinking? How does language protect and erode ways of knowing?
  • How can the use of data reveal patterns in cognition? How does cognition shape the way we use data? What are the ethical consequences of using big data to understand human endeavors?

By answering questions such as these, we aim to:

  • Support undergraduate and graduate students in developing knowledge and skills that can be applied to large-scale social challenges, and 
  • Serve as a connection point for scholars across disciplinary boundaries, within and outside of CWRU.

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