Undergraduate Academics

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Cognitive science brings the insights and methods of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to the study of the mind. Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to support students in developing knowledge and skills that can be applied to large-scale social challenges, and to allow students to bring different interests together (such as music and mental health, physics and dance, theater and psychology). 

In the Department of Cognitive Science, we offer a highly flexible program in which you can take courses in many disciplines to fulfill your major requirements.

Declaring a Major or Minor

To declare the major or minor, complete a declaration/change form

Email the form to any faculty member of the department to be signed. The faculty member will assign an advisor and return the signed form to you. You must submit the form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies to make the declaration official. 

When you declare, we will add you to our mailing list for students.


Courses are listed in the general bulletin. To plan your course schedule, please check the searchable schedule of classes and consult with your advisor. 

COGS 101, 201, 102, and 202 are all entry-level and can be taken in any order. Undergraduate CogSci majors often take 101 and 201 simultaneously in the fall and 102 and 202 simultaneously in the spring, but this is not a required order. 

Cognitive Science Student Organization

The Cognitive Science Student Organization (CSSO) is a social and academic club for all students engaged in the field of Cognitive Science.

The purpose of the Cognitive Science Student Organization is to develop and carry out programs that support undergraduate research and education in the cognitive sciences, to create social connection, to amplify student voices, and to liaise with faculty and administration. We encourage students interested in Cognitive Science and related academic areas (computer/data science, psychological sciences, communication science, philosophy, neuroscience, biology, math, sociology, modern languages and others) to become members. Find CSSO here