Data Science for FrameNet and Frame Blends

Event Date:
February 24th 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Presented by Wenyue Xi and Mark Turner 

Wenyue Xi
Mark Turner

 Abstract: FrameNet is a project used to tag text, speech, and images for conceptual frames.  Turner will give a brief introduction to FrameNet and its use in both manual and automatic tagging.  He will then introduce the phenomenon of Frame Blending in language and other forms of multimodal communication. Turner was the mentor for Wenyue Xi’s project during Red Hen Lab’s Google Summer of Code 2020, in which she developed a pipeline for “AI Recognizers of Frame Blends, Especially in Conversations About the Future.” Xi will give an overview of her work, in which she developed multiple algorithms that nominate various types of Frame Blends and built a preliminary system of the Frame Embedding method. Xi’s work also provides an interactive prototype of the human-in-the-loop Frame Blends Nomination System (using Red Hen’s Rapid Annotator for manual annotation). Xi provides video tutorials and a design document. Both the process and result are documented on the Red Hen Lab Techne Public Site, making this project available as a public source for the Red Hen Lab community. Xi’s system provides a starting point for developers or users who may participate in the future.