Papers on Tibetan Marriage/Polyandry, Demography, Fertility, Aging, and Family Planning

Picture of a a Tibetan mother and five childre
Penam 2002


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Childs, Geoff; Goldstein, Melvyn C.; Wangdui, Puchung; and Choedup, Namgyal

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Craig, Sienna

  • "Not Found in Tibetan Society": Culture, Childbirth, and a Politics of Life on the Roof of the World"
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Craig, Sienna; Childs, Geoff; and Beall, Cynthia M.

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Goldstein, Melvyn C.

 see also: Cynthia M. Beall & Melvyn C. Goldstein

Goldstein, Melvyn C.; Jiao, Ben (Benjue); Beall, Cynthia M.; and Tsering, Phuntsog

Goldstein, Melvyn C. & Beall, Cynthia M.

Goldstein, Melvyn C.; Childs, Geoff; and Wangdui, Puchung

Goldstein, Melvyn C.; Childs, Geoff; Wangdui, Puchung; and Beall, Cynthia M.

Hao, Yan

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Jue, Ben (Ben Jiao). (Translated from the English [dissertation] by Wang Xuhui)

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Levine, Nancy E.

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Ma, Rong

  • Temporary Migrants in Lhasa in 2005.
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Min, Feng

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Schrempf, Mona

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Shastri, Lobsang

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Wangmo, Tenzin 

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Wangmo, Tenzin & Teaster, Pamela B.

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